5 peer-reviewed articles; 3 contributions (code manuals & space mission concept); 3 preprints/submitted articles; 2 articles in preparation; 2 invited conference abstracts; 52 conference abstracts (24 first-author of which 8 talks).

Preprints / submitted articles

  • [3] Van Zelst, I., Crameri, F., Pusok, A. E., Glerum, A. C., Dannberg, J., Thieulot, C.
    101 Geodynamic modelling: How to design, carry out, and interpret numerical studies
    Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, submitted December 2020.

  • [2] Wirp, S. A., Gabriel, A.-A., Madden, E. H., Schmeller, M., Van Zelst, I., Krenz, L., Van Dinther, Y., Rannabauer, L.
    Hypocentral location, Poisson's ratio and fault friction in linked 3D megathrust dynamic earthquake rupture models affect tsunami propagation and inundation
    Frontiers in Earth Science, submitted November 2020.

  • [1] Van Zelst, I., Brizzi, S., Van Rijsingen, E., Funiciello, F., and Van Dinther, Y.
    Investigating global correlations between tsunami, earthquake, and subduction zone characteristics
    To be resubmitted to Tectonophysics: [EarthArxiv].


  • [5] Madden, E. H., Bader, M., Behrens, J., Van Dinther, Y., Gabriel, A.-A., Rannabauer, L., Ulrich, T., Uphoff, C., Vater, S., Wollherr, S., Van Zelst, I. (2020). Linked 3D modeling of megathrust earthquake-tsunami events: from subduction to tsunami run up. Geophysical Journal International, 224(1), 487-516: [doi], [pdf].

  • [4] Brizzi, S., Van Zelst, I., Funiciello, F., Corbi, F., and Van Dinther, Y. (2020). How sediment thickness influences subduction dynamics and seismicity. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 125(8): [doi], [pdf].

  • [3] Van Zelst, I., Wollherr, S., Madden, E. H. , Gabriel, A.-A., and Van Dinther, Y. (2019). Modeling megathrust earthquakes across scales: one-way coupling from geodynamics and seismic cycles to dynamic rupture. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 124(11), 11414-11446: [doi], [pdf].

  • [2] Ulrich, T., Vater, S., Madden, E. H., Behrens, J., Van Dinther, Y., Van Zelst, I., Fielding, E. J., Liang, C., and Gabriel, A.-A. (2019). Coupled, physics-based modeling reveals earthquake displacements are critical to the 2018 Palu, Sulawesi tsunami. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 1-33: [doi], [EarthArXiv].

  • [1] Boneh, Y., Schottenfels, E., Kwong, K., Van Zelst, I., Tong, X., Eimer, M., Miller, M. S., Moresi, L., Warren, J. M., Wiens, D. A., Billen, M., Naliboff, J., and Zhan, Z. (2019). Intermediate-depth earthquakes controlled by incoming plate hydration along bending-related faults. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 3688-3697: [doi], [pdf].



  • Tsunamigenic earthquakes from tectonics to dynamic rupture.
    PhD Thesis, 2020. Supervisors: A. Fichtner and Y. van Dinther.

  • Mantle dynamics on Venus: insights from numerical modelling.
    Master Thesis, 2015. Supervisors: A. P. van den Berg, R. C. Ghail and C. Thieulot.

  • Numerical geodynamic modelling: compression and extension using ASPECT, SULEC and ELEFANT.
    Guided Research, 2014. Supervisors: C. Thieulot and S. J. H. Buiter.

  • On the influence of weak zones on lithospheric- and crustal-scale numerical models.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2013. Supervisors: C. Thieulot and W. Spakman.

Invited conference abstracts

  • Modelling splay fault rupture and tsunamis with self-consistent initial conditions from a geodynamic seismic cycle model of subduction.
    I. van Zelst, L. Rannabauer, A.-A. Gabriel, and Y. van Dinther. AGU 2020, San Francisco, California, USA (online). Panel member.

  • Tsunamigenic earthquakes preferentially occur in sediment-starved subduction zones with a rough incoming seafloor.
    I. van Zelst, S. Brizzi, E. van Rijsingen, F. Funiciello, and Y. van Dinther. AGU 2019, San Francisco, California, USA. eLightning Presentation.

Conference abstracts

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